Nothing Compares to a Filipino Fiesta


One thing one could love most about the Philippines is how Filipinos go all out in celebrating a fiesta. Filipinos turn into the best party throwers every time a fiesta is coming up. Usually, the time spent for the preparation of a fiesta could take 6 months to 1 year. Seems hard to believe? Well, wait until you experience the extravagance of this eventful celebration! You have to see it for yourself and really experience it! To convince you even more, here are reasons why fiesta in the Philippines is amazingly one hell of a great experience!

1. Filipinos are never party poopers.

Fiestas in the city may be fun, but wait until you attend a fiesta in the province! During these times, every Filipino in the province lives the day as if they are all birthday celebrants. They go all out on food, drinks, karaoke, games and many more! Everybody wakes up early to celebrate, and are still all up for a late night gathering. It would be hard for you to spot a Pinoy who’s not on his feet the whole day, house-hopping and enjoying every event there is to celebrate with friends.

2. Everybody goes home with a happy belly.

Get ready to be blown away by the variety of food prepared in a Filipino fiesta! Trying out everything on the table is a must when attending these celebrations. Filipinos really prepare these with all their hearts that’s why you can feel the love up to the last bite of every dish available. A few must-try Filipino dish favorites are Pochero, Caldereta and Paksiw. Once you’ve taken your taste buds through this wonderful adventure, I’m sure that you can not stop wanting for more! A good idea is to learn the recipe and for sure, they will be more than willing to teach you. It would be a good idea to use Pork Patariffic. It is a pack of deboned pata and marinated in a concentrated mix of garlic, onion and black pepper. The only thing that’s left for you to do is to cook it! Simply cooking it in lechon sauce, cane vinegar and washed sugar will give you Pata Paksiw. Adding tomato sauce, potatoes, carrots, garbanzos, saging na saba and pechay to the meat can turn it into Pork Pochero. You can even cook a delicious Caldereta meal just by throwing in potato, carrot, green peas, bell pepper, liver spread, tomato sauce, cheddar cheese and siling labuyo with the meat! In this way, you get better results, experience hassle-free cooking and could always try cooking your favorite fiesta dishes at home.

3. Feel the love.

In the Philippines, the whole town is your family during fiesta. People come together from all over the Philippines to spend as much time as they can with their family and friends. It is all about love, sharing and celebration. Sometimes, even relatives from different countries around the globe dedicate their time to celebrate specific Filipino fiestas with their families. Invest some of your time in Filipino Fiesta and discover how much love there is in the Philippines and just how Filipinos could wear their 100-watt smiles all the time despite any troubles.

Source by RG Vistal