We are an Authentic Cebu Lechon Delivery Service.

Our "Lechon Baboy" is freshly roasted in Quezon City.

Our Lechon recipe and roasting technique is "Lechon Cebu" style.

Our "Lechon Cebu" is the perfect centerpiece for all kinds of festivities!



As the centerpiece of every celebration or festivity, nothing beats having an exceptional quality Lechon baboy, while you create memories and celebrate your festivities with your family and friends.

Boarcher Cebu Lechon


When you order from us, expect an authentic native Lechon Cebu style Lechon on your festivity!

We only roast native pigs, in order to ensure that your teeth sink into the scrumptious and succulent meat of our Lechon Cebu; while you concurrently crunch on its crispy skin.



You no longer have to go to Cebu in order to have your next bite of Lechon Cebu.

We are based in Metro Manila and we are here to satisfy your Lechon Cebu cravings!


From the recipe and roasting techniques, we prepare and roast every order, the Cebuano way.

Expect nothing short from having an authentic Lechon Cebu when you order from us.


Lechon Skin Crispy


We freshly roast your Lechon Cebu orders in Quezon City, Metro Manila.

We deliver your Lechon Cebu orders to your delivery location right out from our roasting pit to wherever and whenever you need it.

Cebu Lechon in Manila

"Roasted on a bed of charcoals for 2-3 hours, while it is continuously being smothered in its own juice and the stuffings inserted inside its belly."

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Authentic Cebu Lechon