Enjoy the Beauty and History of Cebu City



Cebu has many sights and sounds and is among the busiest cities you can find in the Philippines. With its urban setup much like Metro Manila itself, it offers a mix of the city lifestyle and its beautiful natural beauty. It’s no wonder that the Philippine tour package market flourishes in this region of the country. The place is abundant with historical credentials as it is where the Philippines experienced its earliest encounter of the Spanish.

Feel The City’s Nightlife

The Cebu Business Park is home to a lot of local establishments and corporate infrastructures. This is the heart of the IT industry in the capital. With thousands of yuppies working in this location you can expect to have hundreds of leisure establishments, bars, restaurants and hangouts flocked by local people and travelers during the weekend.

Shopping Experience

There are two major malls in the city mainly the Ayala Center and Shoe-Mart. In case you are looking to do a bit of shopping you can just visit these enormous shopping centers. The design of the Ayala center is also quite different from the Ayala malls you can find in Metro Manila. With so many Cebu influenced restaurants to consider it’s a good place to spend Sundays with your family.

Delight in Delightful Dishes

The city is proud of its appetizing food history, Anthony Bourdain host of the show “No Reservations” explored the city and was just astonished how delightful the food in Cebu was. Saying that the Cebu-style “lechon” was the best roast pig he has tasted just goes to show that the cuisine here is unique. There is also the “Sutukil” which means “sugba, tinola, kinilaw” or to grill, stew and eat raw. “Sutukil” is the 3 ways that the sea foods is prepared. It means that you will enjoy the different textures and flavors of the most fascinating seafood dishes.

Enjoy Historical Destinations

The most important historical sight in Cebu is the Magellan’s cross at the Magallanes street. This signifies the Philippine’s 1st encounter with the west. Many consider this as the birthplace of Christianity in the island. The Santo Nino Basilica and Museum or the San Agustin Church found in Osmena Avenue is also another famous religious structure in the country. A large number of locals and tourists check out these attractions daily for their historic significance.

The Skywalk Experience

Experience the amazing scenery after you’re up hundreds of feet above the ground. The Crown Regency offers Sky Walk Extreme, a jaw dropping 38 floors in height. Beat your fear and become astonished at the panoramic view of the city.

With all the astonishing sights and sounds in Cebu, it’s no mystery why it’s the 2nd busiest city in the Philippines. Both locals and tourists experience the festive atmosphere that is everyday life here. Purchase your Cebu tour package now to discover one of the finest places to visit in the Philippines!

Source by Jason G Gutierrez